Shree Sadguru B.Ed. College

Our mission, vision, values were created to help ensure the success of our students, staff and faculty. We work hard to follow these guiding principles.


Our Mission

The student experience comes first.

Our Vision

Sad guru B.Ed College is the Graduate destination for students to succeed in a dynamic and supportive learning environment. Our graduates develop the professional and personal skills needed to realize meaningful careers and make a difference in the world.

Our Value

Our values drive our organisational culture and behaviour in delivering our vision and mission. We value:

  • Integrity and transparency – we behave and communicate sincerely and honestly.
  • Respect – we treat everyone with dignity deliver superior service and offer a safe
  • Equal access and diversity – we embrace uniqueness, ensure accessibility and champion
    all learners.
  • Personal and team accountability – we do what we say we will do and are creative and
    innovative in how we conduct our business.
  • Collaboration – we create opportunities to work together to foster learning and achieve

Our Vision

  • Our people – To optimize the experience and expertise of our people and help them make the best possible contribution toward the student experience.
  • Our business – To manage resources responsibly and ensure that we are financially and environmentally sustainable, demonstrate good governance, and are leaders in the support of outstanding teaching and learning.
  • Our community – To contribute and respond to the economy, social and environmental well-being of our community.